How To Make Street-Style Raj Kachori At Home

How To Make Street-Style Raj Kachori At Home


  • When it comes to street food, there is no dearth of delicious options
  • You can relish the flavours of street food at home also
  • Raj kachori is one such street food item that is immensely appetising

Chaat lovers, raise your hands! When it comes to Indian street food, there is no dearth of options out there. From spicy aloo chaat to crispy and tangy gol gappas, bhalla papri, papri chaat, and raj kachoris, the varieties are aplenty. However, while indulging in street foods, there are high chances of falling sick as the hygiene quotient tends to be on a lower side. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your favourite chaat items.

You can relish the same flavours in the comforts of your home by making street food delights on your own. YouTuber and Indian food enthusiast Manjula Jain dishes out an exciting recipe of street-style raj kachori on her channel – Manjula’s Kitchen. By preparing raj kachori at home, you are not only ensuring proper hygiene but also keeping a check on the quality of ingredients that go in making of this street food item. Oh, and the recipe is quite easy and won’t take much of your time and effort.

You can prepare this Indian snack on weekends and your family is going to love this chatpata affair. The chutneys that are used in this recipe are devoid of any additives and preservatives. If you are someone who has a liking for all things spicy, you may even customise this recipe a bit by increasing the quantity of chilli flakes. Also, while adding in the yogurt, whip it properly to get the right texture.

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